Questions for Candidates

Each candidate and representative is asked to fill out the questionnaire below. It is designed to provide the reader with a better understanding of the person's view and a better feel for how the candidate or representative will respond to future issues.The candidates can answer the questions in an email or using their facebook login on this site. The responses to this questionnaire are shown under the appropriate issue. The candidate can answer as many or as few of the questions as they desire. If you would like a candidate or representative answer these questions, email them.

The Second Amendment

Overall View
Overall, are you supportive of second amendment rights, or do you believe that the need to curtail crime is more important?
Incorporation means that the Bill of Rights guarantees rights that not even the states can override. This includes second amendment rights. Non-incorporation means that the Bill of Rights and the Constitution limits the federal government, but not the states. Where do you stand on incorporation?
Protection of Lawful Commerce
Congress has passed legislation known as the Protection of Lawful Commerce Act. It protects firearms manufacturers from lawsuits put forth by victims of crimes involving firearms. Do you support or oppose such legislation?
Assault Weapons Ban
A ban was in place on the sale of assault weapons from 1994 to 2004. Would you support or oppose the reimplementation of an assault weapons ban? This would include a ban on high capacity magazines. Would you support a ban on such magazines?
National Reciprocity
Most states have laws that allow their citizens to carry concealed firearms if they have a permit. There have been efforts recently to pass legislation that would grant a person with a concealed firearms license to carry a concealed weapon in any other state that allows concealed weapons. Would you support or oppose these national reciprocity laws?
Background Checks
Do you support or oppose the effort to close the loophole that allows people to purchase firearms at a gun show without a background check?
Chicago and DC Gun Bans
Recently, the Supreme Court ruled that the gun bans put in place in Chicago and Washington DC were not constitutional. Do you support or oppose these rulings?
Should the federal government maintain a database of firearms purchased by citizens of the US?
Reporting Rules
In 2010, the Obama administration issued new rules that require states which border Mexico to report sales of more than one long rifle. Do you support or oppose these reporting requirements and why or why not?