Questions for Candidates

Each candidate and representative is asked to fill out the questionnaire below. It is designed to provide the reader with a better understanding of the person's view and a better feel for how the candidate or representative will respond to future issues.The candidates can answer the questions in an email or using their facebook login on this site. The responses to this questionnaire are shown under the appropriate issue. The candidate can answer as many or as few of the questions as they desire. If you would like a candidate or representative answer these questions, email them.


Grow or Shrink
In general, what is your view on the role of space exploration in the future of the US? Should NASA be grown to meet defense and exploration issues in space and on the moon or is NASA an agency that simply cannot be financed at current or previous levels?
The Constellation Program
President Bush initiated the Constellation Program to first create a vehicle to the Space Station, then go to the moon, and eventually go to Mars. President Obama cancelled the program and has defunded most of it. Would you support or oppose reinstating funding for this program?