Questions for Candidates

Each candidate and representative is asked to fill out the questionnaire below. It is designed to provide the reader with a better understanding of the person's view and a better feel for how the candidate or representative will respond to future issues.The candidates can answer the questions in an email or using their facebook login on this site. The responses to this questionnaire are shown under the appropriate issue. The candidate can answer as many or as few of the questions as they desire. If you would like a candidate or representative answer these questions, email them.

Health Care

Government and Health Care
What is your view on what should be the government's role in health care in the United States? Does this role change regarding age, such as young children and the elderly?
Tort Reform
What is your position on how much tort reform would affect the cost of health care? Do you support or oppose tort reform and what would that reform look like if you support it?
Medicare and Medicaid
What is your position on the state of Medicare and Medicaid and what actions would you support to address the looming cost problems that may or may not exist within the programs?
Means Testing and Medicare
Means testing is the practice of testing whether or not a person has the means to pay for themselves and then giving benefits only to those who cannot pay for them, regardless of how much each person paid into the system. Do you support or oppose means testing as a mechanism to make Medicare and Medicaid solvent?
Mandatory Coverage
Do you support or oppose legislation to require that insurance companies cover all clients regardless of medical history? Are the insurance companies allowed to charge more to cover for the expeced costs associated with that person, or would each person pay the same rate?
The Public Option
Do you support or oppose a public option on either a naitonal or state level?
Single Payer
Do you support or oppose a single payer system in which the government is the sole provider of health care and citizens pay taxes for health care?
Does the federal government possess the right to mandate that a citizen purchase health insurance? Do state governments possess this right?
The State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) provides insurance to children through federal backing of state programs. The program has expanded in recent years in terms of the income levels of the people it covers and other areas. Do you support this program and is this the proper role of government? Do you agree or disagree with federal reimbursement of state programs?
The Right of Health Care
Is health care a human right that each person is entitled to, or is it a product or service to be purchased?
Affordable Health Care Act
Do you support or oppose the 2009-2010 health care reform laws known as the Affordable Health Care Act or "Obamacare"?
Subsidies for Insurance
The Affordable Health Care Act, also known as Obamacare, mandates that all people buy insurance. It then provides the necessary money to certain people for the purchase of that insurance. Do you agree, or disagree with this policy and why or why not?
Insurance Across State Lines
Do you support or oppose allowing the purchase of health insurance across state lines? Why or why not?
Drug Reimportation
Do you support or oppose allowing legal prescription drugs to be reimported into the US? Why or why not?
Medicare and Prescription Drugs
Do you support or oppose using the size of Medicare and Medicaid to negotiate for prescription drug prices and to more widely use generic drugs?