Questions for Candidates

Each candidate and representative is asked to fill out the questionnaire below. It is designed to provide the reader with a better understanding of the person's view and a better feel for how the candidate or representative will respond to future issues.The candidates can answer the questions in an email or using their facebook login on this site. The responses to this questionnaire are shown under the appropriate issue. The candidate can answer as many or as few of the questions as they desire. If you would like a candidate or representative answer these questions, email them.

Gay Marriage

Definition of Marriage
How do you define marriage? Is it the union of one man or one woman, or the union of any two people regardless of gender?
The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) states that one state is not required to acknowledge a same-sex marriage that was carried out in another state. Do you support DOMA or would you act to repeal it?
Tenth Amendment and Marriage
The constitution does not address marriage, and marriage licenses are issued by states. Should the federal government be involved in marriage to define it in any manner?
Don't Ask, Don't Tell
Recently, Congress voted to overturn the military policy of don't ask, don't tell. Do you support this move, support keeping the policy, or support a different policy?