Questions for Candidates

Each candidate and representative is asked to fill out the questionnaire below. It is designed to provide the reader with a better understanding of the person's view and a better feel for how the candidate or representative will respond to future issues.The candidates can answer the questions in an email or using their facebook login on this site. The responses to this questionnaire are shown under the appropriate issue. The candidate can answer as many or as few of the questions as they desire. If you would like a candidate or representative answer these questions, email them.


Education and the Tenth Amendment
Does the federal government have the ability to regulate education within the states? What level of involvement is optimal for the federal government?
Ending the Department of Education
Do you support or oppose the idea that the Department of Education be ended, and control of education be retured to the states?
No Child Left Behind
What is your view on No Child Left Behind?
Funding and Punishment
Do you support or oppose the use of funds for items such as education as a mechanism to punish states that do not abide by federal regulations in other areas?
Vouchers and School Choice
Do you support or oppose voucher systems that allow student to select a school and then bring their federal funding with them to the school of their choice?
Merit Pay
Do you support or oppose merit pay for teachers that perform better than other teachers?