Questions for Candidates

Each candidate and representative is asked to fill out the questionnaire below. It is designed to provide the reader with a better understanding of the person's view and a better feel for how the candidate or representative will respond to future issues.The candidates can answer the questions in an email or using their facebook login on this site. The responses to this questionnaire are shown under the appropriate issue. The candidate can answer as many or as few of the questions as they desire. If you would like a candidate or representative answer these questions, email them.


Overall View
Would you classify yourself as pro-life or pro-choice?
Unborn Pain Legislation
In recent years, state and federal legislators have proposed and sometimes passed legislation to inform the mother that the child may experience pain during an abortion. Do you support or oppose these laws?
Ultrasound Legislation
In recent years, state and federal legislators have proposed and sometimes passed legislation to require the mother to see an ultrasound of the fetus prior to an abortion. Do you support or oppose these laws?
Exceptions for Rape and Incest
If pro-life, do you support the exceptions for rape and incest?
Partial-Birth Abortion
If pro-choice, do you support or oppose late-term abortions, also known as partial-birth abortions?
Roe vs Wade
There has been a great deal of discussion regarding the Roe vs Wade decision that effectively legalized abortion in the United States. What is your view on the constitutionality of the Roe vs Wade decision? Do you believe that the federal government has the ability to regulate abortion, or is it a matter to be decided by the states?
Mexico City Policy
When President George W. Bush assumed office, he reinstated a policy of not providing funds to foreign entities that perform and promote abortion. This is known as the Mexico City policy. When President Barack Obama assumed office, he reversed the policy again to fund these programs overseas. Do you support the policy of denying funding to overseas entitites that promote or provide abortions?
When Life Begins
When does life begin? Does it begin at conception, or at some point later in the development of the fetus?
Federal Funding and Insurance
If pro-choice, do you support federal funding for abortions? Do you support mandating companies to provide insurance to its employees that covers abortion related services?
Parental Consent Laws
In recent years, there have been laws voted on to make it illegal to transport a minor across state lines for the purposes of an abortion without parental consent. Do you support these laws?
Unborn Victims of Violence
The Unborn Victims of Violence Act, also known as Laci and Connor's law sought to make it a separate crime to harm a fetus in utero during a crime. Do you support thise law?


Relationship With China
Does China represent a threat to the US on an economic or military level? What should be the US relationship with China?
Currency Manipulation
Does China manipulate its currency and what should the US do to mitigate those effects here or force China to deal with their currency more honestly?
Trade Deficit
We have had a trade deficit with China for years. How should the US adjust its trade policy with China to address this deficit? Should companies be punished for moving jobs to China and how would that punishment be accomplished?
Humanitarian Problems
Should the US attempt to address China's humanitarian issues and what mechanisms can we use to accomplish that goal?

Civil Liberty

Overall View
What is your overall viewpoint on the state of civil libery in the United States?
2012 NDAA
The 2012 NDAA removed the right to a trial if a person is accused of terrorism. Do you view this legislation as a reduction in civil liberties, or a necessary move to quell terrorism within the US?
Grounds Improvement Act
HR 347 - the Federal Grounds Improvement Act made it a felony to protest anywhere near a national security event or where a person protected by the secret is or may be withint the near future. What is your position on this legislation?
National Defense Resource Preparedness
In March of 2012, President Obama signed an Executive Order broadly expanding exectutive authority in the name of securing resources for national defense. What is your position on this move?


Should the US continue its embargo on the nation of Cuba or normalize relations?

Debt, Deficit, Spending, and the Size of Government

Spending vs Revenue
There are two opposing theories for balancing the budget. One calls for a reduction in spendign to bring costs in line with revenue. The other calls for increasing revenue through taxation to meet the cost of government functions. In general, which one of these two mentalities best describes your view on balancing the budget? How do you decide when it is time to raise revenue and when it is time to lower spending?
Matching Costs vs Lowering Taxes
Is it more important to balance the budget or lower taxes? Does the inflationary effects of deficit spending warrant immediate tax increases and spending cuts to balance the budget, or is the threat of higher taxes and less government service more dangerous to the economy?
Cut, Cap, and Balance
In July of 2011, the House and Senate voted on the Cut, Cap, and Balance Plan. The plan would cut the amount of discretionary spending, cap it at a given level, and then call for the passage of a balanced budget amendment. Do you support or oppose this legislation and why or why not?
Specific Tax Increases
If you support an increase in taxation to balance the budget, what specific increases or loophole closures would you support?
Specific Spending Cuts
If you support a reduction in spending to balance to budget, in what specific areas would you make cuts? What departments or agencies would you cut?
The Simpson-Bowles committee was put together by President Obama to develop a plan on deficit reduction. Do you support or oppose the recommendations made by this committee?


Education and the Tenth Amendment
Does the federal government have the ability to regulate education within the states? What level of involvement is optimal for the federal government?
Ending the Department of Education
Do you support or oppose the idea that the Department of Education be ended, and control of education be retured to the states?
No Child Left Behind
What is your view on No Child Left Behind?
Funding and Punishment
Do you support or oppose the use of funds for items such as education as a mechanism to punish states that do not abide by federal regulations in other areas?
Vouchers and School Choice
Do you support or oppose voucher systems that allow student to select a school and then bring their federal funding with them to the school of their choice?
Merit Pay
Do you support or oppose merit pay for teachers that perform better than other teachers?

Energy and the Environment

Man Made Global Warming
What is your position on man-made global-warming? Do you believe that global warming is happening at all, and how much is dependent on the activities of man? Wht level of threat is posed by global warming and how soon must the world take action?
Cap and Trade
Do you support cap-and-trade programs at any level? Would you support a global cap-and-trade program and what organization would implement and receive taxes from this program?
EPA Regulation of Carbon
Do you support the EPA's action to designate carbon a greenhouse gas and to regulate the emissions of carbon? Is this action by the EPA consistent with the tenth amendment?
Nuclear Energy
Where do you stand on nuclear energy? Do you support or oppose establishing new nuclear power plants in the US.
Offshore Drilling
Do you support or oppose an expansion or reduction of offshore drilling? What about deep water drilling?
Drilling in ANWR
Do you support or oppose allowing drilling for oil in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR)?
Government Involvement
To what level should the federal government be involved in energy production in the US? Should this include subsidies to oil companies or alternative energy companies?
Ethanol Subsidies
Do you support or oppose subsidies for ethanol?

Foreign Policy

Overall Foreign Policy
What is your overall view of what the US foreign policy should be? This is a general question and most nations such as Iran and North Korea are dealt with as separate topics.
The Policemen of the World
Many people refer to the US as the policemen of the world. Do you view this as an appropriate role for the US military? What is the threshold for a humanitarian or political crisis for the US to intervene?

Gay Marriage

Definition of Marriage
How do you define marriage? Is it the union of one man or one woman, or the union of any two people regardless of gender?
The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) states that one state is not required to acknowledge a same-sex marriage that was carried out in another state. Do you support DOMA or would you act to repeal it?
Tenth Amendment and Marriage
The constitution does not address marriage, and marriage licenses are issued by states. Should the federal government be involved in marriage to define it in any manner?
Don't Ask, Don't Tell
Recently, Congress voted to overturn the military policy of don't ask, don't tell. Do you support this move, support keeping the policy, or support a different policy?

Health Care

Government and Health Care
What is your view on what should be the government's role in health care in the United States? Does this role change regarding age, such as young children and the elderly?
Tort Reform
What is your position on how much tort reform would affect the cost of health care? Do you support or oppose tort reform and what would that reform look like if you support it?
Medicare and Medicaid
What is your position on the state of Medicare and Medicaid and what actions would you support to address the looming cost problems that may or may not exist within the programs?
Means Testing and Medicare
Means testing is the practice of testing whether or not a person has the means to pay for themselves and then giving benefits only to those who cannot pay for them, regardless of how much each person paid into the system. Do you support or oppose means testing as a mechanism to make Medicare and Medicaid solvent?
Mandatory Coverage
Do you support or oppose legislation to require that insurance companies cover all clients regardless of medical history? Are the insurance companies allowed to charge more to cover for the expeced costs associated with that person, or would each person pay the same rate?
The Public Option
Do you support or oppose a public option on either a naitonal or state level?
Single Payer
Do you support or oppose a single payer system in which the government is the sole provider of health care and citizens pay taxes for health care?
Does the federal government possess the right to mandate that a citizen purchase health insurance? Do state governments possess this right?
The State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) provides insurance to children through federal backing of state programs. The program has expanded in recent years in terms of the income levels of the people it covers and other areas. Do you support this program and is this the proper role of government? Do you agree or disagree with federal reimbursement of state programs?
The Right of Health Care
Is health care a human right that each person is entitled to, or is it a product or service to be purchased?
Affordable Health Care Act
Do you support or oppose the 2009-2010 health care reform laws known as the Affordable Health Care Act or "Obamacare"?
Subsidies for Insurance
The Affordable Health Care Act, also known as Obamacare, mandates that all people buy insurance. It then provides the necessary money to certain people for the purchase of that insurance. Do you agree, or disagree with this policy and why or why not?
Insurance Across State Lines
Do you support or oppose allowing the purchase of health insurance across state lines? Why or why not?
Drug Reimportation
Do you support or oppose allowing legal prescription drugs to be reimported into the US? Why or why not?
Medicare and Prescription Drugs
Do you support or oppose using the size of Medicare and Medicaid to negotiate for prescription drug prices and to more widely use generic drugs?

Homeland Security

The PATRIOT Act was passed after the events of 9-11 and deals with a number of issues relating to homeland security and terrorism. This included provisions for warrantless wiretapping, searches without warrants, and other items. Since that time, it has been reauthorized several times. Do you support the continued reauthorization of this act, or would you move to end the PATRIOT Act?
2012 NDAA
The 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) contained provisions that allowed a US citizen who was accused of being allied with terrorists to be arrested and detained indefinitely. This was accomplished by declaring the US Homeland to be a battlefield in the war on terror. This moves the accusation of terrorism from a crime to an act of war and removes the right to a lawyer and to refuse to answer questions. Do you support or oppose this legislation and would you vote to remove those provisions?
The Transportation Security Administration provides security at airports and other areas. Is this the proper role of the federal government, and are these measures feasible given the current spending concerns?
TSA and Enhanced Patdowns
The TSA uses body scanners and enhanced pat downs to check passengers for explosives and weapons. Are these measures consistent with the right to be free from unreasonable search? Do these measures provide adequate safety?
TSA and VIPR Teams
The TSA uses Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response teams - VIPeR Teams - to conduct random checks at transit stations such as bus terminals and rail station terminals. There are plans to increase the number of these teams and to move them into the streets. Are these actions consistent with the right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure? Are these measures needed to provide security?

Illegal Drugs

The War on Drugs
Do you suppport an expansion or a continued effort in the war on drugs? If you support an expansion, in what way would you expand the effort?
Do you support or oppose making some drugs legal or removing the laws that make mere possession of those drugs illegal?
Tenth Amendment and Drugs
Do you support or oppose the ability of a state to decriminalize drugs within the state?


Do you support measures to allow citizens of other nations residing in the US illegally to remain in the nation indefinitely as a citizen or under a different legal status?
Actions Against Illegal Aliens
If you oppose legislation to make illegal aliens US citizens or grant them permanent resident status, what course of action would you support to enforce the law? This could include enforcing existing laws against employers who hire illegal aliens, enforcement against illegal aliens themselves, or other measures.
The DREAM Act would grant in state tuition rates at colleges and universities to illegal aliens. It would also grant citizenship to those who graduated high school in the US and go on to attend college even though they are in the country illegally. Do you support the DREAM Act?
Immigration Reform
In 1986 a law called Simpson-Mizzoli granted amnesty to illegal aliens in return to increased enforcement of immigration laws. That legislation also asserts that it is the sense of Congress that US immigrations laws should be enforced. If you support a new reform is passed to provide a pathway to citizenship to illegal aliens, what measures would you use to ensure that another wave of illegal aliens would not be granted amnesty in another 20 or 30 years?
Arizona and Other States
Arizona and other states have passed laws in an effort to use state and local law enforcement to discourage illegal immigration and enforce federal laws. Was this action consistent with the constitutional delegation of powers?
Sanctuary Cities
Numerous cites such as San Francisco declare that federal immigration laws will not be applied within their jurisdiction. They also exempt illegal aliens from laws they are broken solely as a result of their status, such as driving and employment laws. Do you support these policies? Would you move to end them?
The federal government has a program called E-Verify that allows employers to run a possible employee's social security number and name through an electronic database and then determine if that number is valid. Do you support the requirement that any company doing government work be required to use this program?
Current vs Former Immigrants
If you support the deportation of illegal aliens or other mechanisms of enforcement of immigration laws, how does the current wave of illegal aliens differ from those who came in previous decades?

International Aid

More or Less
Recently, numerous candidates have stated that the level of international aid should be lowered. Do you support or oppose this view? Do you support or oppose a reduction to countries that are less firendly to US interests?
Starting Over at Zero
Many candidates have stated that the US should not start each budget with a set amount allocated to countries. They state that each country should start the year at zero and then earn the aid we pay then through continued support. Do you support or oppose this viewpoint?
Specific Countries
What speciic countries, regions, or programs would you target for elimination, reduction, or an increase in funding?

Internet Freedom and Security

Internet Kill Switch
S 3480 was legislation put forth to provide an "internet kill switch" that would allow entities to put in place electronic architecture to remove critical infrastructure from the internet should there be a cyber attack. Critics caution that such architecture could be used to shut down the internet to the population as was done in Egypt during the revolution there. Do you support or oppose this type of legislation and is there a need for it given the threat of a cyber attack?
SOPA and PIPA were pieces of legislation that would allow the government to shut down sites that it thought were violating copyright laws. President Obama has signed the ACTA treaty which enforced the same regulation with other countries. Would you vote for or against these pieces of legislation?


In the last year, Congress and the President have enacted two sets of sanctions against Iran. One set prevents any business with Iran's oil industry, and the other deals with preventing Iran from banking with companies that deal with Iran. Do you support or oppose these sanctions and why or why not?
Nuclear Weapons
Iran has nuclear reactors, and is believed to be pursuing nuclear weapons. Would you support efforts to prevent this from happening and what level of effort would you support? Would this include military action?


Relationship with Israel
What should the relationship be between the US and Israel? Are they different from other countries?
A Palestinian State
Should the US support an agreement between Israel and Palestine that involves a Palestinian state?
Right of Return
Do you support or oppose a right of return for Palestinians that left Israel during the war?
What is your view on the expansion of Jewish settlements throughout Israel?


Military Involvement
Did you support or oppose the use of military force in Libya?
War Powers Act
The War Powers Act allows the President 60 days to respond to threats and then report to Congress. At the end of those 60 days, President Obama claimed that since only drones were being used in military actions, no US soldier was in danger and he was not required to seek a declaration of war. Is President Obama's assertion accurate?
UN Security Council
In responding to the purpose of military action in Libya, President Obama stated that the Ghaddafi regime represented a threat to the authority of the UN Security council and had to be addressed. In your opinion, is this assertion consistent with the proper use of military force?


Grow or Shrink
In general, what is your view on the role of space exploration in the future of the US? Should NASA be grown to meet defense and exploration issues in space and on the moon or is NASA an agency that simply cannot be financed at current or previous levels?
The Constellation Program
President Bush initiated the Constellation Program to first create a vehicle to the Space Station, then go to the moon, and eventually go to Mars. President Obama cancelled the program and has defunded most of it. Would you support or oppose reinstating funding for this program?

Nuclear Weapons

Number of US Weapons
Should the US continue to pursue more advanced and higher numbers of nuclear weapons, or should we draw down our forces in this area?
The New START Treaty
Do you support or oppose the New START Treaty?

Social Security

The State of Social Security
What is your viewpoint on the current state of social security? How long can the system remain solvent?
Do you support or oppose allowing some people to place a portion or all of the money that is taken in social security into a private account?
Means Testing
Means testing is a method of making Social Security solvent by removing benefits for those who have the means to provide for themselves. Do you support or oppose this method? If you support it, how would such a system be constructed?
Retirement Age
Do you support raising the retirement age to help make Social Security solvent? What age should it be raised to?
Raising the Cap
People do not pay into social security for income above around $110,000 a year. This is done because they will not recieve benefits on anything above that amount. Would you support or oppose raising that amount or removing it to help make Social Security solvent?
Your Plan
If you had complete autonomy, how would you address Social Security?
Tax Break
Do you support or oppose the 2% tax reduction to social security and why or why not?

Supreme Court Justices

Overall View
What is your viewpoint on what sort of judges should be appoitned to the bench? Do you support strict constructionists who view the constitution as a set of rules that can be amended but not broken, or do you support the view that judges must show empathy and fairness ahead of strict adherence.
Senate Confirmation
Recent Supreme Court nominees have refused to answer questions relating to the specifics of cases. They state that the Senate cannot confirm or deny candidates based on their views, but only on their ability as a judge. Do you support or oppose such a viewpoint?


The Bush Tax Cuts
Do you support or oppose repealing some or all of the Bush tax cuts? Is you support the repeal, what brackets should be repealed.
The Fair Tax
Do you support or oppose a Fair Tax system which creates a national sales tax and ends the income tax?
Overall Tax View
What is your overall view on taxation? Should taxes be more progressive or flatter?
Millionaires Tax
Do you support or oppose the so-called "Millionaires Tax" which would implement higher taxes on incomes above $1 million a year for couples.

Term Limits

Support or Oppose
Do you support or oppose the enactment of term limits for Congressmen and Senators? If so, what length of time or number of terms should each representative be allowed to serve?

The Constitution

The bill of rights guarantees the right to bear arms, freedom of speech, and a number of other civil liberties. One view on the constitution is that the bill of rights also guarantees that the states cannot violate those rights against any citizen of the nation. The opposing view is that the bill of rights applies only to what the federal government can do and not to the states. As an example, the second amendment protects citizens from federal laws forbiding firearms. However, under one view the states may still be allowed to restrict them, while under the other the constitution protects the rights of the citizens within the states as well. Where do you stand on incorporation?
Church and State
The infamous line declaring a wall separating the church from the state does not appear in the constitution but was written in a letter referencing the intent of the constitution. What is your position on the role of a person's religion in their governance?

The Economy

Keynesian vs Austrian
How would you define your view on economics? Do you support or oppose the Keynesian view that only government can intervene to stimulate the economy in times of low economic activity or would you classify your view as more closely following the Austrian view?
Debt and Taxes
What effect does government debt have on the economy of the US? How does this compare to the level of taxation? Is it more important to lower taxes and deficit spend in the short term, or to have higher taxes to prevent debt?
Among other things, the Glas-Steagal Act limited commercial bank securities activities and affiliations between commercial banks and securities firms. What effect has the repeal of Glass-Steagal had on the economy and would you support legislation to reinstate the banking provisions?
Immigration, Trade, and the Economy
What effect has illegal and legal immigration had on the economy of the US since the 1986 Mazzoli-Simpson act to grant amnesty to all illegal aliens? What effect have policies such as NAFTA, CAFTA, and GATT had on the economy?
The Stimulus
Did you support or oppose the 2009 Stimulus, and how would you rate its effectiveness?

The Paul Ryan Plan

Support or Oppose
The plan proposed by Congressman Paul Ryan dealt with what he percieved as looming fiscal problems with Social Security and Medicare by changing Medicare to a voucher system and making changes to social security. Do you support or oppose this plan?

The Second Amendment

Overall View
Overall, are you supportive of second amendment rights, or do you believe that the need to curtail crime is more important?
Incorporation means that the Bill of Rights guarantees rights that not even the states can override. This includes second amendment rights. Non-incorporation means that the Bill of Rights and the Constitution limits the federal government, but not the states. Where do you stand on incorporation?
Protection of Lawful Commerce
Congress has passed legislation known as the Protection of Lawful Commerce Act. It protects firearms manufacturers from lawsuits put forth by victims of crimes involving firearms. Do you support or oppose such legislation?
Assault Weapons Ban
A ban was in place on the sale of assault weapons from 1994 to 2004. Would you support or oppose the reimplementation of an assault weapons ban? This would include a ban on high capacity magazines. Would you support a ban on such magazines?
National Reciprocity
Most states have laws that allow their citizens to carry concealed firearms if they have a permit. There have been efforts recently to pass legislation that would grant a person with a concealed firearms license to carry a concealed weapon in any other state that allows concealed weapons. Would you support or oppose these national reciprocity laws?
Background Checks
Do you support or oppose the effort to close the loophole that allows people to purchase firearms at a gun show without a background check?
Chicago and DC Gun Bans
Recently, the Supreme Court ruled that the gun bans put in place in Chicago and Washington DC were not constitutional. Do you support or oppose these rulings?
Should the federal government maintain a database of firearms purchased by citizens of the US?
Reporting Rules
In 2010, the Obama administration issued new rules that require states which border Mexico to report sales of more than one long rifle. Do you support or oppose these reporting requirements and why or why not?

The Tenth Amendment

Overall Viewpoint
What is your position on the tenth amendment? In what areas should states push for greater independence through the tenth amendment?

The United Nations

Stay or Leave
Should the United States remain within the United Nations and should we increase or reduce the level of influence between the US and the UN?
Agenda 21
Agenda 21 is a UN effort to "re-wild" the world and the US through population reduction and restricting the use of wilderness land. Should the US participate in this program? Is it a threat to national soveriegnty?

Trade Policy

Overall Trade Policy
In general, do you support the idea of free trade with other nations or is one role of government to protect industries through tariffs and other policies?
Free Trade Agreements
How do you view the effects of agreements such as NAFTA, CAFTA, and GATT on the economy of the United State? Have other nations honored their sides of the agreements?
Enforcing Trade Agreements
Would you support legislation to ensure through penalty measures that countries in agreements such as NAFTA and CAFTA are forced to abide by those agreements?
Leaving Trade Agreements
If a country is not abiding by the trade agreements that they have signed with the US, would you support ending those agreements?


Employee Free Choice Act
The Employee Free Choice Act is legislation that would allow a union to call for a vote at a business and then check the card of all voting employees to see if they voted in favor of or against the union. This has led to critics of the bill calling the legislation "card check." Do you support this legislation?
Public Sector Unions
There has been a lot of discussion recently concerning the collective bargaining power of government employees. What is your view on the collective bargaining rights of public sector employees.
Right to Work
Do you support or oppose right to work legislation within the states? Would you support or oppose national right to work legislation?