Ted Cruz on Taxes

Last Updated : May 22, 2012


SG Cruz has stated that he supports a dramatic reform of the tax code. As part of a 12 point economic plan, SG Cruz has stated that the corporate tax rate in America is too high and that it needs to be addressed so that companies are not simply keeping money overseas. He states that he supports making the corporate rate 15%. He also stated that he would champion tax reform and support moving as close as possible to a flat tax or a fair tax system for personnal taxation.

In October of 2011, SG Cruz stated in a debate that the current tax system taxes productivity and subsidizes sloth. In May of 2012, he was asked in an interview to clarify some of these positions and confirmed that he would support a flat tax system that still maintains the mortgage interest and donation tax credits.


12 Point Plan

In September of 2011, SG Cruz put out a 12 point plan to highlight his economic goals. Two of those points dealt with taxes. He asserted in that plan that the corporate rate was too high and that the overall tax code was too complicated and that the US should move as much as possible to a flat tax or a fair tax.


Wedgewood Church Debate

In October of 2011, SG Cruz participated in a debate at the Wedgewood church. When speaking about his overall views, he stated that he would support ending the IRS and moving to a flat tax or a fair tax. In a later question, he stated that our tax code is an abomination.


Hot Air Interview

In May of 2012, SG Cruz was interviewed by Hot Air and asked about his tax policy. He statest that he supports a flat tax, and that he also supports keeping the tax credits for donations and mortgage interest deduction.


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