Ted Cruz on Immigration

Last Updated : May 22, 2012


SG Cruz states that he supports valid US immigration laws and opposes amnesty. In July of 2011, SG stated in an interview with Conservatives in Action that he opposed the DREAM Act. He also stated that he was categorically opposed to amnesty.

In an interview with Right Wing News in 2011, SG Cruz stated that in a post 9-11 world we have to enforce the border. He also noted the differences between legal and illegal immigration.

In a July 2011 interview with BattleSwarm Blog, SG Cruz stated that he strongly opposed to illegal immigration and categorically opposed amnesty. He noted that this included the so-called "paths to citizenship."


Conservatives in Action

In July of 2011, SG Cruz was interviewed by the website Conservatives in Action. He was asked about his support for the DREAm Act and states that he does not support the legislation.


Right Wing News Interview

In 2011, SG Cruz was interviewed by Right Wing News and asked about the line between getting hispanic votes and enforcing valid immigration laws.


Battleswarm Interview

In July of 2011, SG Cruz was interviewed by BattleSwarm and was asked about immigration policy. He asserts that he opposes amnesty in all forms, including a pathway to citizenship for illegals.


Fox 26 Interview

In April of 2012, SG Cruz was interviewed on the local fox affiliate and was asked about immigration. He stated that he opposed amnesty in all forms and that the problem needed to be addressed.


Hot Air Interview

In May of 2012, SG Cruz was interviewed by Hot Air and was asked about his previous immigration statements. He reasserts in those statements his support for enforcing US immigration law.


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