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New START Treaty

The New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START) replaced the Treaty of Moscow (SORT), which was due to expire in December 2012. The New START is a follow to the START I treaty, which expired in December 2009. Another treaty called START II was proposed but never completed, and the START III treaty which never concluded negotiations.
Under terms of the treaty, the number of strategic nuclear missile launchers was to be reduced by half. A new inspection and verification regime will be established, replacing the SORT mechanism. The Treaty does not limit the number of operationally inactive stockpiled nuclear warheads, that remain in the high thousands in both the Russian and American inventories. The treaty was ratified by the Senate with the support of all Democrats and 1/3 of the Republicans. Lindsey Graham voted against ratifying the New START Treaty.

Lindsey Graham voted against ratifying the New START Treaty.


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