Jim Huffman on Health Care

Last Updated : Jul 21, 2010


Jim Huffman opposes the 2009 health care reform legislation. He has stated that he would support cross-state competition among health insurance providers, tort reform, lower-cost catastrophic coverage so that no one is bankrupted by an illness or an accident, and medical savings account style insurance programs that turn patients into true consumers of health care. He has stated that the 2009 reform should have been handled in several smaller pieces of legislation and should have had the objective of ending the third party payer system.

In March of 2010, Mr Huffman, a constitutional law professor, wrote a lengthy article noting the constitutional challenges to the health care mandate.


Constitutionality of the health care mandate

In March of 2010, Jim Huffman wrote an article in the Oregon Catalyst detailing the constitutional aspects of the individual mandate. Mr Huffman is a constitutional law professor.


Populations Program

In May of 2010, Jim Huffman appeared on Populations Program and stated that he opposed the 2009 health care reform bill.


Third Party payer system

Mr Hoffman has stated that one of the things that should be addressed in health care reform is the third party payer system. In an April 2010 article, Huffman spoke about this subject and his desire to end the third party payer system.


Candidate Profile

In May of 2010, the examiner did a profile on several candidates for the 2010 Senate Primary and stated the following about Jim Huffman.


Campaign Website Statements


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