Jim Huffman on Energy and the Environment

Last Updated : Jul 21, 2010


Jim Huffman has stated that while it is possible that some greenhouse gas emissions are contributing to global warming, the effects of those emissions are being widely overstated. He opposes the cap-and-trade system being debated in Congress and has stated that such a system would be worthless if it did not apply to other nations.


Populations Program

In May of 2010, Jim Huffman appeared on the Populations Program and stated that 


Candidate Profiles

In May of 2010, the examiner.com did candidate profiles for the 2010 Senate primaries. The following was stated about Jim Huffman.

He feels low cost energy is key to growing the economy, since it ties into transportation, manufacturing, and comfort both at home and work. He wants to pursue clean coal technologies, nuclear power, and domestic drilling for oil and gas. He wants to allow private sector innovations in wind, solar, and wave development. He feels cap and trade is damaging to the economy. 


Campaign Website Statements



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