Jim Huffman on Education

Last Updated : Jul 21, 2010


Jim Huffman has stated that education is a state issue, but that government can play a role as a catalyst for reform. He favors school choice and is a proponent of the DC voucher system.


Candidate Profile

In May of 2010, the examiner posted a candidate profile for Jim Huffman in which it stated that he favored vouchers and the DC program.

He believes education is a state and local issue, but at the federal level, school choice and charter schools should be expanded, and the successful voucher program in Washington, D.C. should be renewed. 


Campaign Website Statement


Education is primarily a state and local responsibility, but the federal government can play a role as a catalyst for reform. Competition and school choice should be a standard feature of our school systems across America. Congress should continue to encourage states to expand charter schools, and it should continue the Washington DC voucher program that is currently slated to end in 2011.


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