Jim Huffman on Abortion

Last Updated : Jul 20, 2010


Jim Huffman is Pro-Choice. He describes himself as a social moderate who feels that only late term abortions should be illegal. He also opposes federal funding of abortions.


Characterization of stance

In a March 2010 article, Huffman states that if he were forced into one cap, he would choose pro-choice.

He says that the abortion issue has "corrupted American politics for way too long" and that it is so difficult because, unlike most individual rights cases, it pits the rights of two individuals -- the mother and the unborn -- against each other. If forced into one camp or the other, he says he would be characterized as pro-choice.  


Opposition to federal funding

A May 2010 article from oregonlive.com states that Jim Huffman opposes federal funding for abortion.

Huffman, who graduated from the University of Chicago Law School, stakes out more socially moderate positions than his primary opponents. For example, he is pro-choice, though he opposes federal support of abortion, and he supports civil unions for gay couples. He has directed some of his campaigning directly at Wyden, indicating he's confident of winning the primary. 


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