Lee Fisher on Taxes

Last Updated : Jul 20, 2010


Lt Governor Fisher has voiced support for tax cuts enacted by the Republican state legislature of Ohio, and has placed blame for the overall state of the economy  on the Bush Tax cuts. He has voiced a desire to cut taxes that incentivize sending jobs overseas.

He has proposed a job creation tax credit, a $30 billion small business loan fund, the redirection of stimulus funds into infrastructure and home weatherization, doubling the deduction for the small business tax credit, making the advanced energy manufacturing tax credit permanent, and extending the R&D tax credit.


Support for Republican tax cuts

In February 2009, Lt. Gov Fisher gave a radio interview where he stated that he now supported a series of tax cuts that were put in place by the Republican Ohio legislature with only one Democratic vote. The full audio can be found here.


Blame of national taxes

In March of 2010, Lt. Gov Fisher stated that the reason Ohio has seen an economic downturn in recent years was due to tax policies put in place by President Bush.


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