Lee Fisher on Health Care

Last Updated : Jul 20, 2010


Lt Governor FIsher supports a universal single-payer system similar to medicare for everyone. He supported the 2009 health care reform bill, but stated that it did not go far enough and should have contained a public option. He supports a medicare buy-in or any other method to achieve a government run plan with no private insurance. He opposes taxing health care benefits.


Public Option

In September of 2009  Lee Fisher spoke at a campaign event about the public option, comparing it to Medicare.

At a campaign event in February of 2010, Lee Fisher spoke about the number of people who are dying due to lack of health care and the number of people who are turned away for pre-existing conditions.

In September of 2009 Attorney General Fisher spoke at a health care rally in support of reform and in support of a public option.


Let's finish the fight

In October of 2009, Lt. Governor Fisher published an article in the Huffington Post that detailed his support for a universal system and any means to achieve that goal. 


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