Lee Fisher on Abortion

Last Updated : Jul 20, 2010


Lee Fisher is Pro-Choice and supports the concept of "abortion on demand". He supports Roe vs Wade and as Attorney General filed suit against pro-life counselors as deceptive. He strongly opposed the portion of the health care legislation preventing federal funds from going to abortions. 


Campaign Website Statements

Lee has long been a leader in the fight to ensure that women are able to access safe reproductive health care, and he is committed to upholding the rights guaranteed in Roe v. Wade. As a state legislator, Lee sponsored a resolution “deploring acts of violence against reproductive health care facilities” and “exhorting law enforcement agencies to vigorously investigate such acts.” As Attorney General, Lee filed suit against anti-abortion counseling centers accused of deceptive advertising, and sponsored a resolution adopted by the National Association of Attorneys General encouraging the enactment of a federal law prohibiting force, physical obstruction or intimidation to deny patients access to clinics performing abortions. In November 2009, Lee called the anti-choice amendment to the health care reform bill before the U.S. House “discriminatory language far beyond existing law in restricting a woman’s right to choose,” and urged the U.S. Senate to reject similar language in its health care reform legislation.

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