Josh Mandel on Gay Marriage

Last Updated : Feb 01, 2012

Student Body Statement

In April of 2000, Ohio State University student body was attempting to change rules to allow students at the University to purchase insurance for themselves and their same-sex partners provided that they were in a committed, monogamous relationship and responsible for each other's welfare. As student body President, Joshua Mandel supported the measure and stated that that University had a responsibility to provide it to the students.


HB 176

In 2009, State Legislator Mandel opposed Ohio HB 176, which was a bill to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.


Reversal of Position

Politifact has stated that the Mandel campaign has issued a statement claiming that Joshua Mandel has reversed his position from that in college. The statement was said to be issued by Anthony Conchel, Mandel's campaign manager.

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