Elaine Marshall on The Economy

Last Updated : Jul 16, 2010


Elaine Marshall supports the Stimulus plan.  She has proposed a financial transaction fee of 0.25% on every transaction performed on Wall Street, a one time $1200 tax credit to all families making less than $100,000, and a job creation tax. She supports government efforts to recoup TARP money from companies that paid bonuses, and supports ending "too big to fail."


News 14 Interview

In April of 2010, Elaine Marshall answered questions for a local news affiliate. One of those questions was on the stimulus.

What do you think of the governments stimulus plan?

Leading economists from both the business and academic community agree that it was the correct decision and that it has worked. Doing nothing was not an option. It’s comical (and hypocritical) that Senator Burr was against the stimulus, yet he poses for photo ops on projects that were funded by the stimulus and that created or preserved jobs here in North Carolina.


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