Elaine Marshall on Abortion

Last Updated : Jul 16, 2010


Elaine Marshall is pro-choice. She believes in the concept of abortion-on-demand, which states that any person, for any reason, regardless of ability to pay should be able to obtain an abortion. She is a strong proponent of Row vs Wade, and has advocated for the ability to obtain an abortion overseas in military hospitals. She supports government funding abortion and has advocated for laws providing federal funds to pay for abortions for the indigent.


NOW Endorsement

The National Organization for Women has endorsed Elaine Marshall. The text of that endorsement is shown below. It states Marshall's support for Roe vs Wade, accessing abortions in military hospitals, and a desire to repeal prohibitions against using federal funds for abortions.


Campaign Website Statements


[1] Website: National Organization for Women Article: Elaine Marshall (D-N.C., U.S. Senate) Author: NA Accessed on: 07/16/2010

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