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Amendment - Private Accounts

In April of 1998, the Senate voted on amendment 2209 to the budget for that year. The amendment contained nine findings and a resolution. The nine findings were:

(1) The social security program is the foundation of retirement income for most Americans, and solving the financial problems of the social security program is a vital national priority and essential for the retirement security of today's working Americans and their families.

(2) There is a growing bipartisan consensus that personal retirement accounts should be an important feature of social security reform.

(3) Personal retirement accounts can provide a substantial retirement nest egg and real personal wealth. For an individual 28 years old on the date of the adoption of this resolution, earning an average wage, and retiring at age 65 in 2035, just 1 percent of that individual's wages deposited each year in a personal retirement account and invested in securities consisting of the Standard & Poors 500 would grow to $132,000, and be worth approximately 20 percent of the benefits that would be provided to the individual under the current provisions of the social security program.

(4) Personal retirement accounts would give the majority of Americans who do not own any investment assets a new stake in the economic growth of America.

(5) Personal retirement accounts would demonstrate the value of savings and the magic of compound interest to all Americans. Today, Americans save less than people in almost every other country.

(6) Personal retirement accounts would help Americans to better prepare for retirement generally. According to the Congressional Research Service, 60 percent of Americans are not actively participating in a retirement plan other than social security, although social security was never intended to be the sole source of retirement income.

(7) Personal retirement accounts would allow partial prefunding of retirement benefits, thereby providing for social security's future financial stability.

(8) The Federal budget will register a surplus of $671,000,000,000 over the next 10 years, offering a unique opportunity to begin a permanent solution to social security's financing.

(9) Using the Federal budget surplus to fund personal retirement accounts would be an important first step in comprehensive social security reform and ensuring the delivery of promised retirement benefits.

(b) Sense of the Senate: It is the sense of the Senate that this resolution assumes that the Committee on Finance shall consider and report a legislative proposal this year that would dedicate the Federal budget surplus to the establishment of a program of personal retirement accounts for working Americans and reduce the unfunded liabilities of the social security program.

The amendment was agreed to in the Senate 51-49. Duncan Faircloth voted in favor of the amendment to use surplus social security funds for private accounts.

Duncan Faircloth voted in favor of the amendment to use surplus social security funds for private accounts.


Sponsored and Cosponsored Legislation

Session-103; Bill Number-S 1408; Social Security Taxes - Cosponsor

Repeals the tax increase on social security benefits made under the Revenue Reconciliation Act of 1993.

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