Al Franken on Abortion

Last Updated : Nov 21, 2012

Campaign Website Statements

Senator Franken's campaign website notes his support for a woman's right to choose and requiring that every US military base make emergency contraception legal.

Equality and Civil Rights

A fierce defender of a woman’s right to choose, Al partnered with Republican Senator Olympia Snowe to require that every U.S. military base make available emergency contraception, and has been a determined opponent of recent attempts to roll back reproductive rights. And he successfully fought to pass a law that prohibits military contractors from forcing their employees to sign away their right to go to court when assaulted, harassed, or otherwise mistreated in the workplace.


Sponsored and Cosponsored Legislation

Session-112; Bill Number-S 1415; Access to Birth Control Act - Cosponsor

Amends the Public Health Service Act to require pharmacies to comply with certain rules related to contraceptives, including: (1) providing a customer a contraceptive without delay if it is in stock; (2) immediately informing a customer if the contraceptive is not in stock and either transferring the prescription to a pharmacy that has the contraceptive in stock or expediting the ordering of the contraceptive and notifying the customer when it arrives, based on customer preference, except for pharmacies that do not ordinarily stock contraceptives in the normal course of business; and (3) ensuring that pharmacy employees do not take certain actions relating to a request for contraception, including intimidating, threatening, or harassing customers, interfering with or obstructing the delivery of services, intentionally misrepresenting or deceiving customers about the availability of contraception or its mechanism of action, breaching or threatening to breach medical confidentiality, or refusing to return a valid, lawful prescription. Provides that a pharmacy is not prohibited from refusing to provide a contraceptive to a customer if: (1) it is unlawful to dispense the contraceptive to the customer without a valid, lawful prescription and no such prescription is presented; (2) the customer is unable to pay for the contraceptive; or (3) the employee of the pharmacy refuses to provide the contraceptive on the basis of a professional clinical judgment. Provides that this Act does not preempt state law or any professional obligation of a state board that provides greater protections for customers. Sets forth civil penalties and establishes a a private cause of action for violations of this Act.

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