Scott Brown on Abortion

Last Updated : Sep 26, 2012


Senator Brown has stated that he is pro-choice, supports Roe vs Wade, supports funding planned parenthood and contraception. However, he states that he opposes partial birth abortion.

ABC This Week

In June of 2010, Senator Brown was interviewed on ABC's This Week. He noted that Roe vs Wade was the law of the land and that although he wanted to see fewer abortions, he was still pro-choice.

WBZ Debate and the Blunt Amendment

In a debate with Mrs Warren in 2012, she challenged Senator Brown's pro-choice position and noted that he voted for and co-sponsored the Blunt amendment. In response, Senator Brown stated that Mrs Warren needed to stop scaring women and that he would protect Catholic rights to practice in accordance with their views. He noted that what he supported was a conscience exemption to allow medical practitioners of faith to abstain from certain procedures if they opposed them.

When Elizabeth Warren noted that Senator Brown voted against Elizabeth Kagen who was pro-choice, Senator Brown asserted that he did so because she had no judicial experience.


ABC This Week

In January of 2010 Senator Brown was interviewed by ABC's This Week. When discussing abortion, Senator Brown noted that he opposed partial birth abortion and wanted to see fewer abortions. However, he notes that he is still pro-choice.


WBZ Debate

In September of 2012, Senator Brown debated Elizabeth Warren and she challenged his vote and co-sponsorship of the Blunt amendment and asserted that his vote against the confirmation of Justice Kagen was an anti-choice vote.


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