Eric Wargotz on The Constitution

Last Updated : Sep 17, 2010

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Eric on Role of Government:

Government should interfere as little as possible in our daily lives. I believe in more efficient government through reducing fraud, waste and abuse in our Federal system. We must work towards limiting the role government plays. It should not get in the way of our lives, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Fewer laws, greater liberty. Government must focus its efforts on delivering to its citizens mandated services of the highest quality. We must ensure greater transparency and accountability. I am in favor of term limits for Congress and I will not serve more than two terms as your U.S. Senator. I will support a Constitutional Amendment Stipulating Term Limits for Federally elected officials in the House and Senate. The U.S. Constitution is the operating document and Congress must adhere to its authorities granted in Article I, Section 8.

As US Senator, this broader principle will be the guide for every vote that I cast.


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