Rand Paul - Controversies

The images below provide links to controversies for Rand Paul. The information within these scandals is gathered from news reports, official data, and other information. The data is intended to be impartial and factual in nature. If there is information that you would like to see included or you believe that it is not impartial, please email us.


On October 25, 2010 a news story broke stating that an assault had taken place as Rand Paul entered the building for his final debate with opponent Jack Conway. Within minutes, a video was being played on the news which clearly showed a Rand Paul supporter wrestling a woman to the ground, and a second man placing his foot on her shoulder and pushing it forcefully. His foot slips and appears to hit her head. In the hours that followed, the Rand Paul supporter who stomped on the woman's shoul ...


In an interview with a Russian TV station, Rand Paul stated that the US should end the practice of granting citizenship to the children of illegal aliens. While the statement was initially used by his opponents to attack him, the controversy faded quickly. Videoyoutube_id_number=aILHHAJhqpM The 14th amendmentThe controversy did begin a more detailed discussion of immigration policies in the United States. Section 1 off the 14th amendment is the portion of the section cited ...