Jack Conway on Health Care

Last Updated : Jul 16, 2010


Attorney General Conway states that he supports the 2009 health care reform bill, he supports a public option, and a single-payer system similar to a medicare buy-in for everyone. When asked about challenging he mandate to purchase insurance, Attorney General Conway stated that challenging the law was political theatre and that his copy of the constitution did not grant anyone the right to not have insurance. 


DailyKOS Questionnaire

In April of 2010, Jack Conway responded to a DailyKOS questionnaire about health care reform and stated that he supported the 2009 reform bill and a single-payer system that would allow everyone to buy into Medicare.


Refusal to challenge 2009 health care reform

As Attorney General of Kentucky, Jack Conway was asked to challenge the validity of the 2009 health care reform law in court. Specifically, he was asked to challenge the individual mandate to purchase health care, and the authority of the Federal Government to mandate that a citizen purchase a product or be fined. Attorney General Conway responded to these requests in an AOL article where he stated a view point that the constitution does not give the person the right to be free from the requirement to purchase insurance.

In a Fox News appearance days later, Attorney General Conway reiterated this stance and stated that "his copy of the constitution did not grant the right the right not to have insurance.




In 2010, the Senate candidates responded to a series of questions from the Courier-Journal. When asked about health care, Jack Conway responded in the following:


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