Roxanne Conlin on The War in Afghanistan

Last Updated : Jul 15, 2010


Roxanne Conlin has stated that she does not support additional troops in Afghanistan, and that we need to more to pursue Al Quaeda. She has cited the need for the Afghani government to do more.


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We are at war with Al Quaeda because they attacked us on September 11, 2001. Since we began our occupation of Afghanistan, we have made great strides, but Al Quaeda has dispersed into Pakistan and other countries. We need better cooperation and accountability from the Afghani government. We must demand that it root out corruption. We need a narrowly focused mission, with clear, measurable goals for success. We cannot write a blank check. I appreciate President Obama's attempts to focus our mission but I oppose the addition of 30,000 more troops.

While I would have made a different choice, I will, of course, support our troops in their mission.

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