Roxanne Conlin on Taxes

Last Updated : Jul 15, 2010


Roxanne Conlin believes that the deficit should be addressed quickly, but jobs should be addressed first in the form of stimulus


Campaign Rally

At a campaign rally in July 2010, Roxanne Conlin said the following about taxes.

In an interview following her speech, the candidate called for federal government spending on roads, bridges, other infrastructure and green energy as a way to jumpstart the economy.

''We cannot solve the deficit until we get people back to work,'' she said.

Although Republicans have claimed that the stimulus plan enacted last year was a failure, Conlin said that the program created 2.5 million jobs.

Her economic proposals also include allowing businesses to immediately deduct the cost of newly purchased manufacturing equipment from their federal taxes.

She said she also wants to institute federal tax credits for small businesses that hire more people.

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