Roxanne Conlin on Health Care

Last Updated : Jul 15, 2010


Roxanne Conlin supported the 2009 health care reform plan. She supports a public option and seems to support a universal payer (single-payer) system. She does not support tort reform as a viable means to lower costs.


Support for reform, opposition to tort reform

In May of 2010, during a primary debate, Roxanne Conlin was asked about her opinion of the 2009 health care reform bill, universal coverage, and tort reform.


Universal coverage at any means

Roxanne Conlin always tells the story of how she lost part of her hearing due to an untreated ear infection she got at the age of 14. The infection went untreated due to her families inability to pay for the care. This has lead to her statement that universal coverage was the goal and any means to achieve that goal is acceptable. It is not known from the statement if she was supporting the concept that insurance should be mandated or a socialized system.


Proud of health care reform

At a campaign rally in July of 2010, Roxanne Conlin stated that health care reform is one of the things that she is most proud of as a Democrat.


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