Alexi Giannoulias on The Economy

Last Updated : Jul 13, 2010


 Alexi Giannoulias supports the 2009 Stimulus plan, but does not comment on the TARP legislation. He has stated that the problems which led to the need for TARP should be addressed by ending too big to fail with safety systems such as company funded bankruptcy management plans with the equivalent of a "living will" for companies, more careful regulation of non-bank lending entities, reign in the derivatives market, and cut down on banks taking advantage of consumers. He supports efforts to reclaim bonus money from TARP recipients.


ABC 7 appearance

In April of 2008, Giannoulias appeared on a local news show and spoke about the housing foreclosure problems.


Support for Stimulus

Gianoulias's office released a press statement roughly one year after the stimulus package, stating his support for the measure as creating jobs.


Chicago Tribune Editorial

As part of the 2010 Senate primaries, Alexi Giannoulias answered a questionnaire from the Chicago Tribune.


Future Works America

Giannoulias has unveiled a plan which contains a large tax credit for home purchase, a homebuyer tax credit and a job creation tax credit were parts of the plan.


End too big to fail

The Giannoulias campaign has released a statement which indicates that he wants to end too big to fail policies.


Campaign Website Statements





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