Alexi Giannoulias on Taxes

Last Updated : Jul 13, 2010


Alexi Giannoulias has stated that he seeks to repeal portions of the Bush tax cuts which he says give money to the wealthiest Americans. He has proposed making the $8,000 homebuyers tax credit permanent to re-inflate housing prices, and allowing the government to provide the first 10% of collateral for homebuyers to assist everyone in getting a loan. He supports ending subsidies to oil companies and closing loopholes that give tax credits to ship jobs overseas. He states that he supports Pay as You Go (PAYGO) rules. 


Chicago Tribune Questionnaire

As part of the 2010 Senate primaries, each candidate was given a questionnaire and asked to respond. One of those questions dealt with debt and taxes.


Bush tax cuts

In a campaign website press release, Alexi Giannoulias states that he wants to let portions of the Bush tax cuts expire.


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