Alexi Giannoulias on Homeland Security

Last Updated : Jul 13, 2010


Alexi Giannoulias has expressed support for bringing many of the detainees from Guantanomo Bay to a prison in Illinois. He states that the facility at Gitmo is  a recruiting tool for our enemies. He has stated that he would only support renewing the PATRIOT Act if the wiretap provisions were removed, and he supports sanctions on Iran if they do not halt their nuclear program.


Support for bring Gitmo detainees to Illinois

In a press release, Giannoulias stated that he supports bringing the detainees from Guantanamo Bay to the illinois correction facility.


In another press release, Gianoulias stated the same support for such a plan.


As part of the primaries for the US Senate seat in 2010, Giannoulias answered a question from the Chicago Tribune concerning the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.


Iranian Sanctions

Alexi Giannoulias has stated in a press release that if Iran will not cease it's nuclear program, then sanctions should be enacted.



As another question in the 2010 Senate primary, Giannoulias was asked if he supported renewing some of the provisions in the PATRIOT act.



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