Tom Sullivan on The Economy

Last Updated : Jul 08, 2010


Mr. Sullivan has not stated his position on the Stimulus or the TARP legislation.


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Working in small business I have learned to celebrate efficiency and congratulate common sense. Anyone with a little of either knows that as federal deficits and debt rise we chart an unsustainable course. The way out is job growth and government efficiency. Job growth will increase revenue without increasing taxes, and will save the government money in benefits. Cutting government spending will lower deficits. So question one is, who is going to create more jobs?

Between 1992 and 2000, the Democrats created 22.5 million jobs, 92% in the private sector. In his decade in the Senate Mike Crapo has essentially created zero jobs. In eighteen short months in office this administration has taken massive inherited job losses and turned them around. The past five months have all seen positive job growth. In April there were 280,000 new jobs, 231,000 in the private sector. Case closed. Democrats are better on jobs.

And who are you going to trust to cut wasteful government spending? Mike Crapo, the 20 year incumbent? For all their talk of “Smaller Government” the federal government grew exponentially under George W. Bush and Mike Crapo. I would think that if Mike were going to cut the federal budget he would have done it by now. I’m a twenty year small business owner. I will root out inefficiency and waste and cut it no matter where it lives.

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