George LeMieux on The War in Afghanistan

Last Updated : May 30, 2011

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Afghanistan is in many ways more challenging than Iraq. It remains in the vital national security interest of the United States to help the government of Afghanistan defeat Islamic extremist elements in Al Qaeda and the Taliban that are seeking to undermine the legitimacy of the elected government. After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the U.S. can never again afford to allow a safe haven for terrorists to develop in Afghanistan. The U.S. and NATO have a commitment to be in Afghanistan until 2014. Like all Americans I want to see our troops return home from this long fight. However, I know from visiting Afghanistan and talking with General Petraeus and our leaders on the ground, that our troops are not interested in leaving Afghanistan while there is still work to be done. Success in Afghanistan will depend on the will of the American people and leadership of the president as well as the good work of our soldiers and NATO partners. Ultimately, success will require the Afghans to develop, with our help, a capable army and national police force that can take the lead in providing security for the Afghan people and deny terrorists and extremists asylum or any place in their society. Finally, we need to strengthen our relations with Pakistan, and develop closer ties with India, the world’s largest democracy and the world’s largest English speaking country; they are a natural partner for us.


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