George LeMieux on Immigration

Last Updated : May 30, 2011

2012 Campaign Website Statements


America cannot be secure as a nation if we do not secure our borders. I support the right of any state, as with Arizona, to guard against illegal immigration and the crime and threat of terrorism that can go with it, where the Federal government fails to do its job. Each state has the right to craft the right solution to secure its people. While in the Senate, I supported the Republican-backed 10 Point Plan for securing our borders. My visit to the Arizona border last year convinced me that if we build security fences and walls, man the borders with law enforcement, prosecute and jail those who violate the law, we can meaningfully reduce illegal immigration. The Yuma District of Arizona is success story in this regard, worth modeling across the nation. In Florida, our immigration problem is different than in the south west Here, illegal visa overstays are the primary problem. I support strong legislation here in Florida to require all businesses to verify immigration status, and for state and local law enforcement to check immigration status during routine law enforcement encounters with the public.



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