Michael Bennet on Social Security

Last Updated : Sep 08, 2010


Senator Bennet has stated that the social security system remains solvent for decades now, but also states that we need to take measures to confront the program's solvency challenge.. He has stated that he opposes privatization of social security.


2010 Re-Election Campaign Website Statements

Social Security

Social Security is our most stable and most successful retirement program. The program is not susceptible to fluctuations in the market or the economy, and it provides a stable source of income for a majority of Americans over 65 years old.

I am working hard in Congress to preserve the long-term survival of Social Security, so that is remains solvent decades from now.

I strongly oppose privatizing Social Security or reducing Social Security benefits. We can work together to confront Social Security’s solvency challenge without taking these drastic, ill-conceived measures. An important component for guaranteeing the long-term viability of Social Security is to get our nation’s fiscal house in order, without raiding Social Security to do it.

Voting Record

Temporary Payroll Tax Cut Continuation Act of 2011

In February of 2012, the Senate voted on accepting the conference report for the Temporary Payroll Tax Cut Continuation Act of 2011. The legislation extended unemployment benefits, forced a decision on the Keystone Pipeline project, and provided for certain medicare levels. Mainly, the legislation continued the 2% employer side reduction in payroll taxes for social security. This reduction is funded by bringing money into social security from the general revenue fund, thus adding to the debt. The legislation passed the Senate 60-36. Michael Bennet voted in favor of the legislation.

Michael Bennet voted in favor of the legislation.


Sponsored and Cosponsored Legislation

This representative has not been identified as sponsoring or cosponsoring significant legislation related to this title.

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