Carly Fiorina on Immigration

Last Updated : Jun 23, 2010


Carly Fiorina states on her campaign website that she favors securing the border with a technology centric approach.  She favors a more effective VISA program and possibly a seasonal agricultural system.  She supports the state of Arizona's attempt to control immigration.  While Carly Fiorina has stated that no news laws are required to secure the border, she has stopped short of asking for actual enforcement of valid US immigration laws.


Fox News Interview

In a Fox News interview, Carly Fiorina stated that she supported the Arizona immigration law and that she felt that it was merely a reaction to the inaction of the federal government. 


Kitchen Cabinet Interview

In an interview with a group called the kitchen, Carly Fiorina notes that President Obama does not need new laws to enforce immigration law.


DC Press conference

At a press conference in DC in November, Carly Fiorina displayed luke-warm feelings towards enforcing immigration law.


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