Carly Fiorina on Health Care

Last Updated : Jun 23, 2010


Carly Fiorina opposed the 2009 health care reform bill.  She states that she would advocate to repeal the system if elected.  She has stated that government is too involved with health care.  She has been unclear on whether or not she supports requirements that health insurance companies cover pre-existing conditions.


Response to Presidential Address

In December of 2009, Carly Fiorina spoke about the President's health care plan.  She spoke about the possibility that cost would be the deciding factor in what would be covered in government plans, and she spoke about her own experiences with a recent victory over breast cancer.



Economic Plan

As part of Carly Fiorina's economic plan, she has advocated for the repeal of the 2009 health care reform bill.  She states that is kills jobs and puts American companies at a disadvantage.


Discussion on health care reform

In March of 2010, Carly Fiorina had an interview with phone questions.  She discussed the role of government, and the lack of compensation to California Medicare recipients.  She states that there is currently not enough competition in the market and insurance should be able to be purchased across state lines. 

She also discusses the pre-existing condition portion of the 2009 health care bill.  She states that effective measures were already in place to precent the denial of health care and that if that was the particular item that needed to be fixed, the 2009 bill was not the most effective way to accomplish that objective.



Fox News appearance

In November of 2009, Carly Fiorina appeared on Fox News to discuss the health care bills that were going through the House and the Senate at the time.  She discussed her own recent bout of breast cancer and how she opposed any plan which limited the number of mammograms or other tests that found cancers.  She was also critical of the fact that a panel was discussing what was cost feasible to be included in government health care plans, and the panel did not include doctors.  She stated that the plan did not address the underlying problems of cost.



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