Carly Fiorina on Education

Last Updated : Jun 28, 2010


Carly Fiorina's positions on No Child Left Behind, school choice, standardized testing, have not been addressed. In her thesis on education, she states that while she understands that education is a right delegated to the states, she feels that federal government has the right and the need to step in from time to time to ensure that standards are met.


HP Speech on policy making in the internet age

In 2001, Carly Fiorina gave a speech at Progress and Freedom Foundation Summit where she illustrated the need to find a middle ground between public and private schools.


Campaign Website Statements


Master's Thesis

In 1989, Carly Fiorina got her Master's degree in education from the Massachusetts's Institute of Technology (MIT).  That thesis was read by blogger Chip Hanlon at Red County, and exerts were posted at his website.  Those exerts indicate that at the time the thesis was written, Carly Fiorina had decided that despite the acknowledgement that education was a right delegated to the states, the federal government possessed both the authority and the burden to intervene where necessary.  Shown below are the exerts from Chip Hanlon;s site.  He also provides a link to a PDF of the full text of the thesis.







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