Richard Shelby on NASA

Last Updated : Jul 07, 2010


Senator Shelby is a strong supporter of manned space flight and NASA.  He was strongly opposed to President Obama's decision to end the Constellation program after stating support for it during the election.  He referred to the President's plan to use commercial spacecraft which do not currently exist as a "pipe dream".


Nasa reduced to pipe dreams

In response to President Obama's February 2010 move to cancel the Constellation space program, Senator Shelby stated that the President had placed manned-space flight on a death march and that it will essentially become an agency of pipe dreams.


Porker of the Month

In response to Senator Shelby's attempts to get funding for portions of the Constellation program, Senator Shelby was awarded the "porker of the month" award by citizens against public waste.


Press release - April 2010

On April 22, 2010 Senator Shelby released the following transcript of statements during the subcommittee's hearings on President Obama's plans for NASA and the space industry.


2010 Re-Election Campaign Website Statements



Sponsored and Cosponsored Legislation

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