Hillary Clinton - TravelGate

Last Updated : Nov 13, 2010


TravelGate began with charges that the White House had used audited financial irregularities in the White House Travel Office operation as an excuse to replace the office staff and give the White House travel business to Arkansas friends of theirs. The 1996 discovery of a two-year old White House memo caused the investigation to focus more on whether Hillary Clinton had orchestrated the firings and whether the statements she made to investigating authorities regarding her role in the firings were true. The 2000 final Independent Counsel report found that there was substantial evidence that she was involved in the firings and that she had made "factually false" statements, but that there was insufficient evidence to prosecute her. Following deputy White House counsel Vince Foster's July 1993 suicide, allegations were made that Hillary Clinton had ordered the removal of potentially damaging files (related to Whitewater or other matters) from Foster's office on the night of his death. Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr investigated this, and by 1999 Starr was reported to be holding the investigation open, despite his staff having told him there was no case to be made.


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