Jill Stein on Immigration

Last Updated : Jul 12, 2012


The Green Party platform calls for a lessening of the significance of borders, amnesty for all undocumented workers already in the United States, allowing workers from other nations to enter and leave the US at will, and cooperating with the UN to relocate refugees to the US. It also calls for issuing drivers licenses to undocumented aliens, allowing immigrants to use the identification of other nations as ID, and ending the punishment of employers who hire illegal aliens. Dr Stein has not specifically supported all of these policies.

In 2010, Dr Stein made statements in opposition to efforts to deport illegal aliens. She stated that the US must end its practice of detentions and deportation and begin family reunifcation programs.

In May of 2012, Dr Stein stated in a debate that everyone in the US, with the exception of Native Americans, was an immigrant and that it was not proper to deny immigration to people today.

While Dr Stein does not see the influx of people into the US as a problem, she identifies the cause of this "problem" as NAFTA and other free trade agreements. She has stated that businesses closing their doors and the lack of jobs for people drives them into the US.


Migrant Day Statements

In December of 2011, Dr Stein issued a statement noting her remarks on Migrant Day. In those remarks, she notes that she opposes active deportation of illegal immigrants.


Victoria Theatre Debate

In May of 2012, Dr Stein debated fellow Green party candidate Roseanne Barr at the Victoria theatre in San Francisco. When the question was raised on immigration, Dr Stein stated her support for amnesty through a legal path to citizenship and to halt efforts to find illegal aliens within the US. She also notes the effects of free trade policies on immigration as it puts the people of Mexico and other countries out of work.


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