Jill Stein on Illegal Drugs

Last Updated : Jul 12, 2012


Dr Stein supports the legalization of marijuana and hemp. In February of 2012, Dr Stein was interviewed by the Indiana branch of NORML. In that interview, she stated that she supported the full legalization of of marijuana and stated that marijuana is not a drug that is illegal because it is dangerous, but rather it is dangerous because it is illegal. She also stated that drug use should be treated as a mental and physical health problem and not as a crime.

The official Green Party platform calls for amnesty to all those in prison who are convicted of drug crimes with no other victims. It also calls for decriminalization of all drugs.


INORML Interview

In Febraury of 2012, Dr Stein was interviewed by the Indiana Chairman of NORML Neal Smith. She describes her views that marijuana and hemp should be legalized and taxed and treated just like nicotine and alcohol. The video is poor and loud, so a transcript is given below.


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