Jill Stein on Foreign Policy

Last Updated : Jul 12, 2012


The Green Party and Dr Stein foreign policy calls for a more humble approach, shutting down most of the US military bases overseas, and halting the military involvement in foreign countries unless it is to stop atrocities. This includes ending the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and halting the progression of wars in Syria, Lybia, and all other countries. Included in this foreign polciy is a pledge to end the first-strike policy and the pre-emptive strike policy.


Truth-Out Interview

In January of 2012, Dr Stein was interviewed by Steve Horn for Truth-Out. She briefly discusses foreign policy from an aspect of defense spending and military bases overseas.


Victoria Theatre Debate

In May of 2012, Dr Stein debated fellow Green party candidate Roseanne Barr at the Victoria theatre in San Francisco. The candidates were asked about foreign policy and the use of miltary force overseas.


Green Party Platform


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