Jill Stein on Abortion

Last Updated : Jul 11, 2012


Dr Jill Stein is pro-choice and supports all forms of birth control. This includes access to an abortion, the plan B morning after after pill, and other options regardless of age (for the pill). In supporting universal health care, Dr Stein notes that reproductive health cannot be separated from overall health and therefore should be covered under a single-payer system.

In December of 2011, Dr Stein was critical of the Obama administrations actions to limit the coverage of the morning after pill, staing that it should be available regardless of age or prescription.

In January of 2012, Dr Stein noted in a debate that religion of some people should not be able to dictate the availablity of reproductive care for others. She asserted that allowing employers to select a health care plan that did not cover abortion or other reproductive items was in effect allowing that person's religion or fiscal concerns to dictiate the health care of the employee.

The official Green Party platform for 2012 promotes an abortion on demand system where a woman is able to obtain an abortion regardless of age or ability to pay. The age of the fetus is not addressed and support or opposition for partial-birth abortion is not covered in the literature.


Reaction to Morning After Pill Policy

In December of 2011, the Stein for President campaign issued a statement calling President Obama's actions to limit the coverage of the morning after pill a danger to women's health. She stated that the morning after pill should not be denied based on age and that the morning after pill should be available without a prescription.


Victoria Theatre Debate

In May of 2012, Dr Stein debated fellow Green party candidate Roseanne Barr at the Victoria theatre in San Francisco. A question was proposed on unions and Dr Stein stated that she supported federal unionization for transportation employees and the passage of the Employee Free Choice Act (known by its opponents as card check). She also notes her view that free trade agreements are destructive to unions.


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