Barack Obama on Simpson-Bowles

Last Updated : Jul 24, 2012


President Obama initiated the Simpson-Bowles commission. However, he was not active in supporting the recomendations of the commission when they were made in late 2010. In several interviews in 2011 and 2012, President Obama stated that he supported many of the recommendations made by the commission. However, he stated that he opposed the recommended cuts to discretionary spending as those cuts would come from defense spending and that he opposed such cuts.

At times during the discussion, President Obama asserted that many Republicans supported the plan before they thought that President Obama may support it.


Press Conference

In July of 2011, President Obama participated in a press conference and was asked about his tepid support of Bowles-Simpson. He responds that he did not support the defense spending cuts that were part of the Simpson-Bowles plan.


Rural Tour

In August of 2011, President Obama was speaking at a rural tour and was asked about the Simpson-Bowles plan. He notes that he would have preferred greater revenue generation and less defense spending cuts.


AP Luncheon

In April of 2012, President Obama spoke at an AP luncheon. He remarked about Simpson-Bowles there and stated that he did not support the full plan, but that he did support it somewhat.



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