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In January of 2008, a man named Larry Sinclair placed a video on youtube claiming that in 1999 he met State Representative Barack Obama in Chicago while on a trip there. He claimed that the two shared cocaine and that he participated in sexual acts with Representative Obama. He also challenged Representative Obama to take a lie detector test and agreed to take one himself.

In February of 2008, the website agreed to sponsor and administer those tests with a prize if he passed it. That site is no longer active under those owners and was not a reputable news or policy site and dealt in pornography. Two tests were administered on Mr Sinclair, one addressing the drug claims and one addressing the sexual activities claim. A man named Edward Gelb administered those tests and is known as an expert in that field. Mr Gelb claimed that the tests showed that Mr Sinclair was being deceiving in both tests.

After that test was administered, an expert named George Maschke who opposes the use of polygraph examinations, refers to them as "junk science" , and owns the site, claimed that he and other experts noted numerous problems with the exam. The first was that other experts in the field found a less than 1% chance that Mr Sinclair was being deceptive. Second, the person giving the exam markets his services as a PhD, but holds no such degree from an accredited University. Finally, set procedures such as talking with the person after the test to determine any reasons for any anomolies were not followed. Mr Maschke also claimed to be an Obama supporter and moslty impartial in partisan politics.

Throughout the next few months, it was discovered that Mr Sinclair was a felon who serveed prison sentences in Arizona, Florida, and Colorado for crimes relating to forging checks, credit card theft, and identity theft. Mr Sinclair also had several warrants for his arrest that had been addressed and an outstanding one in Colorado.

In June of 2008, Mr Sinclair held a press conference in which he outlined the details of the allegations he was making against President Obama. Mr Sinclair began the interview by stating that he had indeed served those prison sentences, that he had behaved improperly in the past, and that he was remorseful for his actions. He then stated that he had been a recreational drug user, and outlined the series of events surrounding his involvement with Barack Obama.

Mr Sinclair asserts that he flew from Colorado to Chicago, Illinois in November of 1999 to attend the graduation of a friends son from basic traning. While there, he hired a limosine service and asked the driver if he knew of anyone that could show him around and was interested in partying. The driver said that he did indeed know someone and placed a call. Later that night, Mr Sinclair claims that he was introduced to Barack Obama by the driver.

Mr Sinclair then claims that while at a bar that night with State Representative Obama, Mr Sinclair expressed a desire to do cocaine. He claims that Mr Obama made a call from his cell phone and the two men took the limosine to an unknown location where Mr Obama purchased cocaine with money provided by Mr Sinclair. After this, Mr Sinclair claims that he snorted the cocaine and Mr Obama inhaled some crack cocaine that he had purchased. Mr Sinclair also claims that he performed oral sex on Mr Obama while in the limosine.

Mr Sinclair asserts that he returned to his hotel alone that night, but that Mr Obama apearred there the following day. He claims that he again performed oral sex on Mr Obama and that the two men did cocaine.

As proof, Mr Sinclair stated that the phone records of the driver and of Mr Obama would confirm these phone calls. Mr Sinclair revealed the driver's name, but admitted that phone records were not available.

Living in Mexico for a number of years and having never lived in Illinois, Mr Sinclair claimed that he was not interested in partisan politics and was not aware that State Representative Obama had become politically powerful until he saw him in the 2004 DNC speech. Mr Sinclair claimed that he contacted the Obama campaign for presidency in 2007 and asked that Mr Obama admit that he used drugs past his childhood - as claimed by him in interviews and books.

Mr Sinclair then claims that he was contacted by a man named Mr Young who claimed to be an associate of Senator Obama. Mr Young asked Mr Sinclair why he never discussed the sexual behavior he had with Mr Obama. Mr Sinclair stated that he was shocked by this as he had not discussed anything other than the drug use with the Obama campaign and he was unaware of how anyone else would know about it.

After a second call from this man, Mr Sinclair stated that he became aware that the man was not merely a part of the Obama campaign, but was also a friend of Mr Obama. Mr Young told Mr Sinclair that Senator Obama was preparing to discuss his drug use publicly and that he was merely making sure that Mr Sinclair had not discussed the matter of sexual behavior with anyone else.

After subsequent calls from this man left Mr Sinclair with the impression that Mr Obama was never going to discuss the matter publicly, he discovered that a Donald Young worked as the choir leader in the church attended by Mr Obama under Reverend Wright and was openly gay. Donald Young was murdered in the fall of 2007, not long after the series of phone calls with Mr Sinclair.

The end result of the press conference was the accusation that Mr Sinclair and Mr Obama did cocain together in 1999 and engaged in sexual activities. The Obama campaign used Mr Young to obtain information relating to who Mr Sinclair had discussed the sexual activity. After that, Mr Young was killed.

After the press conference, the buzz around the story died down.


Initial Video


Polygraph Test

The website offered Mr Sinclair $100,000 to take a lie detector test and confirm the accusations against Senator Obama. The video below shows that polygraph test.

In February of 2008, George Maschke of placed a video on youtube discussing the upcoming polygraph with and Mr Sinclair. He notes the problems with polygraphs. He issued another video after the polygraph noting the problems.

In both videos, Mr Maschke states that the lie detector test reveals nothing, regardless of the results. He does not address the veracity of Mr Sinclair's claims and does not believe that the lie detector test can reveal the truth. However, he does note in the second video that other experts found that Mr Sinclair was being truthful with a 99% certainty.


Mr Sinclair's Background

In June of 2008, Politico confirmed that Mr Sinclair had numerous convictions in his past and served time for a number of crimes. He had also changed his name twice. The crimes and prison sentences included:

  • A larceny charge in 1981 in Denver
  • A conviction of theft and of forging a check in Florida in 1985; Sentenced to a year in jail
  • Check fraud and credit card charges in Colorado in 1986;
  • A conviction in Colorado in 1986 on forgery charges, and sentenced to 16 years in jail;
  • Time in prisons in Buena Vista, Delta, Limon and Canon City before being transferred to the state's maximum security penitentiary in 1993.
  • Arrest for disorderly conduct in South Carolina in September 2008


Press Conference

In June of 2008, Mr Sinclair held a press conference with his lawyer and outlined the details of his interaction with State Representative Obama. He admits to his previous history as a felon and addressess the polygraph tests.

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