Glenn Nye on Taxes

Last Updated : Sep 02, 2010

Campaign Website Statements

Cutting Taxes for Families and Small Businesses

Glenn voted for the largest middle-class tax cut in history, cutting taxes for over 95% of Virginians. He has also supported new tax cuts for small businesses to hire workers and invest in equipment.

Stopping Wasteful Spending

Glenn's first act in Congress was to co-sponsor a bill blocking Congressional pay raises, and he co-sponsored a bill to cut his own pay by 5%. Glenn voted against raising the debt limit, supports legislation to balance the budget and is fighting fraud and abuse by government contractors.



Sponsored and Cosponsored Legislation

Session-111; Bill Number-H R 1552; Start Up Expenses - Cosponsor

Amends the Internal Revenue Code to increase in taxable years beginning in 2009, 2010, or 2011: (1) the limit on the tax deduction for trade or business start-up expenditures from $5,000 to $20,000; and (2) the threshold amount for reducing such limit.

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