Tom Berry on Social Security

Last Updated : Feb 16, 2012

Opposition to Privatization

In a press release responding to Congressman Hensarling's remarks on social security, Tom Berry remarks in a negative manner about the possibility of privatizing social security.

Regarding Social Security benefits, Tom Berry said today (2/3/10): "My opponent, Jeb Hensarling, is on record to 're-engineer Social Security', which means he wants to privatize it for future generations. He is selling greed, betting on the come, rolling dice on the wall, scaring the voting public, setting a stage for a feeding frenzy in lockstep with Wall Street, and adding fuel to the next financial collapse. Social Security is not the problem. The problem is what my opponent, Jeb Hensarling, wants to do to tear down Social Security, instead of working to build it up."


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Social Security

We have to oppose every effort to destroy Social Security, which is entirely self funded, has not contributed a single penny to the deficit, and is not responsible for U.S. budget problems. This includes any action to privatize Social Security in whole or part (which my entrenched opponent wants to do), changing benefit/cost of living calculations, or increasing the retirement age, which will hurt millions of seniors who are struggling with increasing financial pressures.
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