Stephen Broden on The Economy

Last Updated : Aug 03, 2010

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The key to economic growth and jobs in the 30th district is developing and growing small businesses. According to the Small Business Administration there are 26 million firms in the United States. Of these, 97.5% have fewer than 20 employees. It is clear that the economic engine of America is small businesses. In order to facilitate growth in our economy, I will pursue creating greater opportunities for small businesses through cutting taxes and providing a friendly environment for entrepreneurs to develop businesses and thus create Jobs. What’s best for the 30th district is to create a business friendly environment that will attract new businesses, create jobs, and stimulate community growth.

I am pro-economic growth, and pro-business. I believe a flat tax will enhance a strong, robust vibrant economy and facilitate innovation and creativity in our marketplace. A healthy economy makes for a healthy nation. I will pursue changing our current tax code to support small businesses and encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship.


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