Stephen Broden on Education

Last Updated : Aug 03, 2010

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A wise man once said, “if you get a poor education, you get a poor paying job; if you have a poor paying job, you live in poor neighborhoods; and if you live in poor neighborhoods, you go to poor schools.” It is clear the cycle of poverty is broken at the point of a quality education. If our nation is to compete in a 21st century economy, our educational institutions must return to an emphasis on the fundamentals of reading, writing, mathematics, and science. Unfortunately, political correctness and special interest groups have de-emphasized the fundamentals required to maintain our marketplace and global competitiveness in favor of a “new age” feel good curriculum.

American schools are not training and developing our children to compete with the challenges of a 21st century economy. This failure marginalizes our competitive edge in the marketplace and threatens our capacity to maintain our standard of living and our liberties. I will fight for school choice, vouchers, and charter schools in order to provide educational alternatives for parents. These options will provide a competitive environment that will enhance the pursuit of excellence in those academic institutions competing for students. I will fight to ensure that tax dollars follow the child to the institution of their parent’s choice.


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